Jason Fried: Give it five minutes

Source: Give it five minutes A few years ago I used to be a hothead. Whenever anyone said anything, I’d think of a way to disagree. I’d push back hard if something didn’t fit my world-view. It’s like I had to be first with an opinion – as if being first meant something. But what it […]

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绿卡申请流程 How to get Green Card (from H1B)

first step Permanent labor certification (PERM) Determining the position for the application Obtaining a prevailing wage determination PERM recruitment Experience Letters Finalizing the PERM application form Filing the PERM application second step Petition for Alien Worker (I-140)   third step Adjustment of Status (I-485)   Reference: How I got my Green Card from H1B http://www.trackitt.com/current-visa-bulletin H-1B抽签没中该怎么办?八条可能的道路供你参考

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[Bloodborne] 跑酷开迷宫 Charlie Dungeons SpeedRun to Depth 5

Speedrun order: Pthumeru > Central Pthumeru > Lower Pthumeru > Ailing Loran > Great Isz This video is a no nonsense, very barebones walkthrough on how to get to Isz and to make a CRF dungeon with as little faffing around as possible. In this video I only pick up the ritual materials required for the next chalice and […]

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[Bloodborne] Gem Farming Glyph 个人整理的刷宝石铭文

+27.2% Physical Gem 物理+27.2%寶石 Radial 经典Glyph: 9kv8xiyi 一层三胖 二层兽魂 三层无头 怪简单拉杆近 by68zgaj: 一层三胖(也掉愚者宝石 Cursed Fool’s Damp Blood Gem (6)  +34.4% when full HP),可以刷放射宝石+血石块,二层骨灰,三层长老,可以刷寒冷深渊,4层无头放血,可以刷沉重深渊(有几率掉血岩,和你的探索值有关,基础掉率8%) 7pgi3zyf: 一层巨人、二层长者、三层无头 v3krwpyp:一层三胖、二层野兽附体、三层无头、四层后裔 3aj8b9k5:一层三胖、二层野兽附体、三层无头 k73gvrth:一层野兽附体、二层三胖、三层无头 Triangle 三角 p3umyztu 全贡品伊兹 L1 Boss 5pwujscd: cursed triangle phys and arcane gems youtube link +31.5% Bloodstinge Gem 血質+31.5%寶石 1.y592byza: all 3 offerings Root Isz 第一層金門守寶箱持槍大胖 (伊茲三儀式金杯) 2. 蘇美魯底層始源; 金杯銘文: e99tdh9f 在第一層黃門裡刷拿散彈槍的無情看守者 顺时针变形符文 Clockwise […]

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